Data Centers have been at the epicenter of technology since the beginning. While consistency and long uptimes have been the baseline criteria for success, new trends have only added metrics and expectations. Today, C2 IT Systems is addressing Data Centers that are tasked with an ever-expanding array of applications and services, with the need to deliver at speeds and scales unheard of in the recent past. These new and often complex requirements dictate that Next Generation planning and execution with C2 IT Systems takes into account all available customer resources. At the same time, they must be accurately and conscientiously placed into the ecosystem.

Today, we do not stand at the precipice of a new wave of IT architecture… We are well beyond the threshold. C2 IT Systems stands with you in developing, employing and supporting your systems. With a rich and diverse background in technology solutions, we have the tools and expertise to get you running with a flexible, agile and robust architecture catered to your needs and specifications.

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One of the most recent and disruptive changes to organizations has been the emphasis placed on Mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Simply throwing up more Wireless Access Points up and handing out a password won’t cut it. Today’s mobile devices are capable of functions much like traditional computers. Much like traditional computers, these mobile devices need an appropriate framework to function successfully. C2 IT Systems recommends an enrollment system that streamlines getting devices on the network and secure every connection with powerful encryption.

The freedom to access data and applications seamlessly and conveniently is the end goal of all IT staff. C2 IT Systems recommends an approach to security that truly protects users and information as these devices connect to more places with various networks and the potential for loss and theft of material and IP increase. Being able to maintain compliance and protect this sensitive information whenever and wherever can be hard to manage. Developing a comprehensive, secured and easy to apply and use strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be tedious and complex to the end user. At C2 IT Systems, we strive to bring the best solution in the most beneficial security package to you and your users to mitigate these grave concerns while maintaining the freedom and mobility that this new technology offers.

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The reality is that security threats have never been greater and more complex than they are today. This unfortunate trend will only continue as new technologies continue to roll out. Challenges and concerns such as the ones listed below are now expanded tenfold with the increase in connected devices, larger networks with fewer boundaries, and movement of more data and applications to cloud architectures.

  • Data Loss or Theft
  • Phishing/Social Engineering Attacks
  • Compliance/Regulatory Incidents
  • Denial of Service (DOS)
  • Domain Based Threats

Today, organizations need a nimble, all-inclusive model which analyzes threats inside and out of the network. This solution should be smart. It should learn patterns and behaviors, and alert you when something relevant to the safety and security of your network happens. Ideally this solution should also propose methods of neutralizing and adapting to these threats. At the end of it all, you need an information security approach that is compliant, smart, easy to use, and actionable.

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What you deploy as your infrastructure has infinite effects on services and experiences for yourself, your employees, customers and ultimately your bottom line. In this critical role, IT serves as a link to how business is conducted in almost every facet of your operation. In order to keep a competitive edge, it is key to maximize each platforms unique strengths and deemphasize their individual weaknesses by an intricate and thoughtful deployment of resources. In far too many cases, a business will try to maintain a viable edge while at the same time investing into one or two fragile baskets only to find out its financially not viable or doesn’t meet the mission. Now they have a vendor exclusive, overly costly solution that does not do what is needed.

To successfully meet todays needs and tomorrows goals, organizations need to look at developing or building on a flexible framework capable of adapting to new business demands, sidestep pitfalls, and provide a secure, future-ready IT infrastructure. C2 IT Systems recommends utilizing this strategy where organizations can support, drive and reap the benefits of a functioning and simply excellent experience for users and clients alike.


Cloud computing while not new has been expanding at an incredible rate with a capability that continues to grow. With the flexibility and access of the cloud, you can now choose what data and or applications best reside on a private cloud or a public cloud let alone a hybrid cloud. You too can maximize the benefits of cloud computing while at the same time mitigating concerns. Cut existing infrastructure and take in the cost savings while modernizing and streamlining the way IT services are conducted.

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Leaders in technology are faced with a number of tasks such as planning of network infrastructure, maintaining production, and researching new technologies. When combined with a never-ending list of wants and needs, staying within budget parameters and increasing security protocols, it can be very overwhelming. That’s where C2 IT Systems can step in.

For close to a decade, C2 IT Systems has been helping organizations stand up, produce, expand and plan for the future. Whether its streamlining applications and continuity, bringing up faster storage and more reliable storage, ensuring security compliance, onboarding mobile devices, or figuring out how to best utilize your assets to meet your business demands, C2 IT Systems has the capability to help you succeed by maximizing capabilities and profits of technology.