Throughout the nation, Educators in the K-12 system have revolutionized the way students learn and receive their education. A decade ago schools were pushing a cart of reserved laptops to one or two classrooms. Today, students are bringing home Chromebooks and iPads to continue their learning when away from the classroom. Technology in schools is no longer a teaching aide. Technology is the catalyst for teaching.

At C2 IT Systems, we have specialized solutions to meet the K-12 criteria. If its initiating a 1:1 student to device project, providing wireless, or designing the switching infrastructure to facilitate learning, C2 IT Systems is ready to help you design, implement or build on your infrastructure.

Today’s colleges and universities rely on technology like never before. Are you currently meeting your student and faculty needs? At C2 IT Systems, we know the way forward. Through scalable, affordable and flexible solutions, we have the tools necessary to revolutionize the way your Institution of Higher Learning acts and functions.

Today’s healthcare organizations face unique business challenges that require creative strategies to streamline internal processes and how they can better leverage information technology. The C2 IT Systems professional services group has strong background in helping caregivers and insurers meet the challenge of providing the highest quality care efficiently and effectively.

C2 IT Systems offers consulting services that emphasize building an IT strategy that optimizes access to medical systems and maximizes use of existing computing assets. We can help your organization develop a business strategy that integrates people, technology and processes into a true IT strategy. A successful strategy also includes methods for effectively managing change in the business and building an adaptive IT infrastructure. Out consultants are kept abreast of the economic regulatory issues (i.e., HIPPA) that affect healthcare organizations.

Whether you are a retail oriented or service oriented business such as consulting, real estate, engineering, construction, franchisers, insurance, law and other services providers face pressure that often push you beyond your core expertise. With pressure on the business margins, you must find ways to lower costs while maintaining the personal relationships that your clients expect. At the same time, you must maintain regulatory compliance, protect client information, and increase productivity.

C2 IT Systems works closely with business services to deploy and manage your applications, enterprise systems and networking technologies to improve your service quality.